Photo by Freddie Marriage on Unsplash

Mission and Goals

The Air Pollution Scientific Initiative (APSI) was launched in May 2020 as part of the activities of the non-profit EnviroComp Institute. The main goal of APSI is the creation of an evolving, multilingual repository of knowledge in air pollution sciences.

Air Pollution topics are a very important subject in today’s society, both as scientific challenges and as part of populations’ and governments’ environmental concerns. We intend to produce an evolving, multi-lingual MATRIX containing the state-of-the-science information on air pollution. The MATRIX will be made freely available to any user to access properly-organized materials for reading, studying, researching at basic, intermediate, and advance levels.

The MATRIX will evolve with time by introducing new materials, reading guides, interactive documents, video lessons, and books. Best possible efforts will be made to assure multi-language access to all the materials.

In parallel with the development of the MATRIX, we intend to explore other opportunities for APSI to contribute to teaching, research, and collaborations, by mobilizing the unique capabilities of APSI members. For example, APSI will also promote video interviews of air pollution prominent scientists to preserve their memories, observations, and scientific advises.

There is also a likelihood that, after the success of our mission in air pollution sciences, our blueprint could be expanded to other environmental fields.