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Modelling the impacts of nature-based solutions on air quality

With the European Union showing the ambition to position itself as a leader in innovating with nature to reach more sustainable and resilient societies, two main questions pop-out: i) Can nature-based solutions (NBS) be used to an effective improvement of air quality? and (ii) Which are the best design options/best solutions to improve air quality? Air quality models, from different temporal and spatial scales, can give the answers to these questions. Air quality models can assess different types of NBS, optimizing their benefits and reducing trade-offs (through a quantification of their effectiveness) in a short period. This is highly advantageous for policy makers and stakeholders’ decision-making.

Some works that explore this subject are included as a pdf files, listed below.


Guide prepared by S. Rafael, A. Miranda, and C. Borrego (4/2021). For corrections or expansions please contact us.