Modeling Intermediate

Reading Guide

An introductory chapter (Reynolds and Paine, 2010) from the book Air Quality Modeling - Theories, Methodologies, Computational Methods, and Available Databases and Software, Vol IV (Zannetti, Ed. 2010) is included as pdf file. This chapter addresses modeling background - needs and concepts - and definitions in a brief survey. Topics include uses of models (regulatory compliance and resolution of litigation), categorization of model by general type (Gaussian and grid-based), general governing equations, categories of model inputs, types of solutions of equations, alternative model formulations, spatial and temporal scales addressed and resolutions adopted, types of uncertainty of concern, experience and current and proposed approaches to evaluation of model performance, and data needs.

Several websites also provide useful information about air pollution/air quality computer modeling, and are linked below.


Guide prepared by P. Zannetti (8/2020). For corrections or expansions please contact us.