Modeling of Pesticide Application, Deposition, and Drift Advanced

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Applied modeling techniques are available to simulate ground spraying and aerial spraying of pesticides. These chemicals are typically diluted with water and sprayed as liquid droplets from nozzles. One of the most important applications of these models is related to concerns about off-target drift of aerially applied pesticide sprays. Droplets depositing off-target are a waste of material and, more importantly, can damage nearby agricultural fields.

The US EPA has developed two models designed to calculate the dynamics of sprayed droplets: AgDRIFT® and AGDISP™. They are presented as part of Models for Pesticide Risk Assessment.

A summary chapter (Thistle et al., 2010) from the book Air Quality Modeling - Theories, Methodologies, Computational Methods, and Available Databases and Software, Vol IV (Zannetti, Ed. 2010) is included as a pdf file.


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