Use of Models - Legal Cases Basic

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Many legal cases around the world involve environmental issues and, in particular, air pollution problems. This is especially noticeable in the United States. Often, simulation models play an important role in these cases, for example when a chemical accidental release occurred and an expert is asked to assess 1) the chemicals that were emitted, 2) the time-varying emission rates of these chemicals, and 3) the ground-level concentration impacts of these chemicals at the time of the accident.

A conference paper (Zannetti, 2001) discussing the use of air pollution models in litigation cases is attached. This article also provides at the end useful references for further reading. A section of a recent PowerPoint presentation is also attached; it discusses the unique scientific (and non-scientific) challenges of air pollution litigation work and expert testimony. Other useful material can be found by searching online the websites of major environmental law firms. Also, many consulting companies specialize in providing expert support for air pollution/environmental litigation cases.

Guide prepared by P. Zannetti (10/2020). For corrections or expansions please contact us.