Tracer Experiments - TRANSALP Basic

Mesoscale transport of atmospheric pollutants across the central Alps (TRANSALP)

(Text extracted from "The TRANSALP experiment tracer release and transport simulation" by Bartzis et al., 1995)

The pollutant transport associated with the TRANSALP experimental tracer release, conducted in South Switzerland on 29 September 1990, is simulated. The region in which the experiment (i.e. the release and the concentration measurements) took place belongs to a complex topographical structure. The TRANSALP release was made at a critical site of the terrain, i.e. at the beginning and near the base of a major valley (Leventina valley) while a quite dense network of ground tracer samplers was installed along the valley's axis, as well as at several significant surrounding points. The simulation is made using the DEMOKRITOS Transport Code System, consisting of the Topography Simulator DELTA, the Mesoscale Atmospheric Model ADRLA and the Lagrangian Dispersion Model DIPCOT-1L. The predicted concentration patterns are compared with the observations, indicating that the major dispersion features are well reproduced.

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